making beer

Conversion: The Barley grain is soaked in water, which stimulates germination. Water is removed and a naturally occurring process converts the starch to sugar. Germination ends by drying the grain in a kiln, resulting in what is known as 'malted barley'. The amount of heat applied to the grain during the process has an influence on the end flavour.

Extraction: The grain is crushed and soaked. Sugars in the grain are released and produces a sweet solution called 'wort'

Flavouring: The 'wort' is boiled for a couple of hours and hops are added to the mix to impact the characteristic, bitterness and aroma.

Fermentation: Yeast is added, be it warm or cold fermenting yeast, and sugar is converted to alcohol.

Clarification: The beer now undergoes clarification and all the final touches to make it ready for consumption.