Serving & Storage

Serving wine

White: Chilled 6 to 11o. Light bodied at the cooler end, full bodied at the higher end of the range

Sparkling: Should be served at the cooler end of the white wine range. Vintage Champagne and Australian Sparkling Red shouldn't be served too heavily chilled

Red: The global understanding is to serve at room temperature. In Australia and warmer climates you should serve slightly cooler than room temperature at 18o. Cool reds below room temperature by placing in the fridge for half an hour or in a bucket of ice.

Storing wine

Never place it in the boot of a car.

Bottles should be stored away from strong direct light

Store bottles horizontally so that the cork is kept from drying out and allowing in oxygen

Wine is best stored somewhere cool, dark, airy and free from vibration and dampness. The main destroyer of wine is variation in temperature

Storing left over wine

Transfer left over wine to a smaller bottle to minimise the wines contact with air which ruins a wines flavour

If you drink a lot of expensive or sparkling wines you might like to invest in a vacuum wine saver or special stopper

Store leftover wines in the refrigerator and if possible drink within a day or two